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Bump up your style levels in an instant by installing the clean, uncluttered, bright white Super Relief Bumpy range of wall tiles

Key Features

  • Durable ceramic construction

  • Undulating ripple effect surface that refracts light around the room

  • Gloss finish for easy cleaning

  • Neutral aesthetic works well with decor tiles & mosaics

If you’re looking to create a clean, light canvass in your kitchen or bathroom that’s primed for customisation with mosaics and decor tiles then Super Relief Bumpy is an excellent choice. Featuring a unique, undulating surface topped off by a high gloss sheen, these visually interesting tiles actually refract light around the room in which they’re installed, making for a bright and airy feel. Equally easy on the eye whether teamed with differently coloured tiles or simply installed on their own, Super Relief Bumpy offer an excellent, low cost and low maintenance wall covering for almost any room in the house.


Undulating Bumpy White Wall Tile

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