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Traditional Twin Valve with Grand Rigid Riser Kit + Shower Rose
Traditional Twin exposed 3/4 inch thermostatic valve with 18mm diameter grand rigid riser kit and shower rose. The turn of the century evokes a feeling of greatness, an era when engineering was the world's driving force, and this sense of achievement is replicated in our collection of traditional styled showers. Suitable for all types of plumbing installation.

Grand Rigid Riser Shower Kit with 8" Shower Rose Details

  • High Quality Traditional Design
  • Manufactured by Scudo
  • Chrome Finish
  • Fixed Head
  • Shower handset
  • Height: 1275mm
  • Brass Internals
  • It has a built-in diverter so as to switch between the fixed head or hand held shower.
  • Includes sliding rail, shower hose and shower head.
  • Minimum operating pressure of 0.5 bar

1899 Period Grande Thermostatic Chrome Traditional Twin Head shower

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