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40mm Anti-Slip Surface Aurora Stone Quadrant Shower Tray
A super strong and lightweight white acrylic capped stone shower tray manufactured from stone resin this shower base tray has been designed to withstand rigorous use. The new Anti-Slip surface is easy to maintain and provides a safer, stable showering experience. When purchasing a shower please check that the top surface of the shower tray is compatible with your intended shower enclosure, taking into account the reduced area that will result after tiles etc have been fitted.  
Product Details

  • Height: 40mm
  • Shape: Quadrant
  • A simple stylish tray which delivers high quality looks and functionality
  • Anti-Slip material, tested in accordance with British Standard BS7976:2 Pendulum slip test
  • Sleek Low Profile Design
  • Flat Top
  • ABS Acrylic Capped
  • Solid Cast Stone Tray
  • Suitable for most types of enclosure
  • Complies with BS EN 14527:2016
  • Manufactured using polyurethane resin and volcanic ash

Mde in the UK
90mm Shower waste included 
25 Year Guarantee

Anti Slip Hudson Reed Quadrant Shower Tray (6 sizes available)

  • * Easy to fit - The Pearlstone Matrix has screw retention so that the feet from the leg set (sold separately) can be screwed directly into the base of the tray

    * All trays have a flat underside making installation and levelling even easier
    Slimline - At just 40-45mm high Pearlstone trays are amongst the sleekest on the market

    * Perfect for a modern and contemporary wet room design

    * Patented Technology - Made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available

    * All trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler including volcanic ash

    * Lightweight - The trays are up to 50% lighter than conventional stone resin trays - making them safer for handling and fitting

    * Lifetime guarantee
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