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For bathrooms kitchens or entire through house instalation

5mm x 610mm x 305mm.

Sold in packs 8 = 1.5m2.

quality never fail click together fixing ( one of the best on the market)

Now with built in underlayer for warmth and no substrate imperfection transfer

Non-slip – Reinforced with a  non-slip underlay, you can be assured that your vinyl flooring will remain secure when fitted

Light, classic & sophisticated, with detailed designs and a high quality finish that resembles true marble. Install our Ankara flooring with ease, simply click and lock into place.

  • Flawless – Our vinyl flooring comes with unique and high quality designs that mirrors authentic tiles.
  • Impact proof –  Whether you live in a busy household or are looking to renovate a commercial building, our panels are impact proof and durable
  • Cost effective – Get value for your money without compromising on style or quality with our floor panels
  • User-friendly – Our Panels are known for their user-friendly qualities, just click your panels together.


Ankara Vinyl Click Flooring With Built in Underlay

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