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  • Available in White, Black, Brown & clear
  • Cromar AlphaChem Universal Silicone is a high performance, quick curing, universal silicone for general sealing, glazing and sanitary applications. Provides a permanently water tight flexible seal and offer excellent adhesion properties on most common nonporous building materials. Ideal for:
  •  General sealing and glazing applications
  •  Sealing around windows and doors for insulation and gap filling
  •  Sealing in DIY applications
  •  Connection and expansion joints on glass, porcelain, steel etc
  •  Sealing electric, telephone etc. sockets and switches
  •   Sealing around baths, showers and other sanitary ware and fixtures Application
  •  Ensure all surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants. Old silicone should be removed using a silicone remover.
  •  Application temperature must be between +5°C and +40°C, below 5°C a dry surface cannot be guaranteed due to the potential for moisture.
  •  Fill any gaps or voids with Alpha Chem Expanding Foam or suitable backing tape or rod.
  •  Cut thread and then the nozzle to the required size.
  •  Apply sealant with a sealant gun and tool down, with light pressure, using a wetted spatula or gloved finger within 5 minutes of application.
  •  Excess uncured sealant may be cleaned with solvent. Cured sealant can be removed by mechanical means, when using sharp edged tools be careful not to damage surrounding materials .
  •  It is the user’s responsibility to dispose of all packaging correctly.

Alphachem Universal silicone c3

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