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90mm Aquadart  Black Flat Top Slotted Grid Fast Flow Easy Clean Shower Waste
A stylish 90mm x 50mm Water seal shower trap with multi-fit outlet high-flow high-performance trap with removable 113mm slotted grid design chrome plated brass flange for easy cleaning.
Shower Traps with top access surpass the minimum required flow rate of 24 litres per minute when tested in accordance with clause 5 of BS EN 274-2:2002
Product Details

  • 90mm Hi-Flow Shower Trap
  • Size - 90mm
  • Water Seal - 50mm
  • Flange Style - Black on Brass - Slotted Grid
  • Flange Size - 113mm
  • Standard - EN 274-1:2002
  • Height - 85mm
  • Flow Rate - 50 l/min with a 15mm head of water

90mm Black on Brass Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste Upgrade

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