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The collection of Hudson Reed Pearlstone shower trays are one of the strongest and durable on the market with a choice of over 50 sizes, making them the ideal choice for any showering situation. The Pearlstone tray is constructed from a polyurethane resin that is mixed with filler and includes clay beads for added strength, the trays are only 40mm in height and provide a modern contemporary look. The trays feature a flat underside that makes them easy to level and include a Lifetime Guarantee providing complete peace of mind for many years of use. All our shower trays come with a free 90mm fast flow waste and can be used with the easy plumb leg and panel pack allowing a quick and easy installation, with a wide range of size options to choose from, the Pearlstone trays make a perfect choice for any room setting.


Pearlstone 900 x 900mm Quadrant Shower Tray NTP106

  • * Easy to fit - The Pearlstone Matrix has screw retention so that the feet from the leg set (sold separately) can be screwed directly into the base of the tray

    * All trays have a flat underside making installation and levelling even easier
    Slimline - At just 40-45mm high Pearlstone trays are amongst the sleekest on the market

    * Perfect for a modern and contemporary wet room design

    * Patented Technology - Made of the patented 'Pearlstone Matrix' making the range one of the strongest and lightest available

    * All trays are acrylic capped and constructed from a polyurethane resin mixed with filler including volcanic ash

    * Lightweight - The trays are up to 50% lighter than conventional stone resin trays - making them safer for handling and fitting

    * Lifetime guarantee
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