Installation guides

On this page you will find video & image based step by step instructions detailing the correct installation procedure for the fitting of our products. Please exercise comon sense when using these instructional videos as obviously some products and/or fitting situations may vary. We do not own any of the material shown on this page, the copyright is entirely that of the original producer of the content. The content has been chosen purely due to the quality of the information contained therein.

General guide for the fitting of a bar shower style valve using our easy fix bar shower fittings (sold seperately).

General guide for the fitting of a standard toilet. This video shows the cistern being fixed back to the wall with screws, we do not recommend doing so as any lateral movement to the toilet may cause the cistern to crack, the screw fixings to the floor will more than suffice.

General guide for the replacement of a W/C push button syphon/flush valve using one of our many different aftermarket parts. Please ask a member of our staff for advice on the part that you require.

General guide for the siliconing of a bath or shower tray using one of our quality sanitary grade silicones. When siliconing a bath it is also advisable to half fill the bath with water before siliconing, this will provide a median point for the expansion and contraction of the silicone once you're actually using the bath. If you avoid this step you may end up with your silicone splitting away from your bath.

General guide for the fitting of a basin waste, note how the plumber is using silicone. If you or your plumber neglects to do so your basin WILL NOT hold water! This is probably the most common mistake made when fitting a basin, we probably hear of this problem at least twice a week.

General guide for the fitting of a towel radiator, please note that your model of towel radiator may vary so please exercise common sense.

General guide for the fitting of a bath with standard style side panels. The bath being fitted here is our square shape shower bath.

Shower Calibration

When first installing a thermostatically controlled shower it is essential that you calibrate the valve, this is an easy process and this step shouldn't be skipped. The videos below detail how this is done, all you need to do is find the shower that visually most represents your product and follow the simple instructions. Calibration of your shower may also be required in the transitional period between seasons where the temperature of the incoming water supplies changes or as a maintenance procedure if your shower valve begins to operate incorrectly .

How to calibrate a bar shower style thermostatic mixer valve, the overall look of your product may vary slightly but the procedure remains the same.

How to calibrate a dual style thermostatic mixer, these instructions apply to all showers of this type including the modern style handle and both concealed and exposed variants.

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