Massive 15 Litre Palace readymixed Showerproof

wall tile adhesive is high grade gypsum based adhesive designed for

fixing pocelain & ceramic wall tiles to most internal surfaces even tile on tile.

With a high bonding strength, the ready mixed adhesive can be used on a wide range of substrates in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and correctly grouted domestic showers.

Faster drying than most other readymixed similar products

SHOWER-PROOF is a ready mixed, gypsum based, thin bed ceramic wall tile adhesive, which gives the fixer excellent initial grab and non-slip properties. It can be used to fix all types of ceramic & porcelain wall tiles and then dries to a bright white finish ideal when applying light or translucent tiles. SHOWER-PROOF is recommended for use in domestic shower and bathroom areas and its unique initial grab & non-slip are ideal for fixing either heavy duty tiles or decorative translucent mosaics where colour show-through is an issue. SHOWER-PROOF complies with EN 12004 Type D1TE.

  • Constant non-slip
  • Dries bright white
  • Exceptional initial grab
  • Conforms to EN 12004 D1TE
  • Fix direct to gypsum plaster
  • Ready to use